Inputs are questions you can ask to the user to give personalized results.


The prompt is the command that will be sent to the AI model when the user sends the form. If you've defined user inputs, you can insert the user's inputs into the prompt by typing in the {{inputID}} or by clicking on the input IDs below. You may also use the helper functions IF({{var}}="Text","This","That") and IFHAS({{var}},"Hey {{var}}").

Main language

IMPORTANT: Title, description and AI prompt or response should all be in this language.


Allows users to choose the language of generated response. Not available for chatbots yet.
Automatic: Order to respond in the chosen language will be automatically appended to the prompt.Manual: {{user_language}} variable will be made available for you to use as you wish in the prompt.




Private apps are only usable by those with the link to it


If clonable, prompt and other implementation details will be visible

Default AI Model