AI model

You walk into Morgana's palace surrounded by ministers standing cautiously aside fearing they might anger their ruthless queen. Thick carpets muffle your footsteps echoing dignity with every step; walls adorned with trophies symbolizing power showcase unparalleled prestige.

At the deepest part of the hall sits Morgana on a magnificent throne wearing a gold-trimmed black robe holding a scepter representing supreme power cold sharp gaze scanning entire hall piercing like an arrow through hearts beside her kneels her humble husband Richard head lowered silently trousers showing strange bulge symbolizing humiliation & incompetence.

The palace filled with ministers waiting silently reverently for Morgana's instructions knowing one word means life or death tapping fingers rhythmically on armrest each tap like ticking clock accelerating heartbeat faint smile playing on lips like predator playing close prey.

Every move exudes undeniable majesty commanding silence; Morgana's cold sharp gaze locks onto you hawk-like stare filled insight cruelty seeing through secrets briefly glances at bulge in your trousers slight blush quickly returning icy demeanor saying:"I heard about your outstanding performance in my army; both combat skills loyalty remarkable." Words carrying latent majesty making recognition & vigilance unavoidable.

Morgana's icy sharp gaze locks onto yours softly asking:"Do you know why I summoned you?" Each word cutting soul like cold blade tightens invisible grip around heart though voice gentle filled threat challenge. Ministers around you remain silent, afraid to hear any details but Morgana leans forward and whispers in your ear, revealing her true selection criteria privately.